Household appliances

Household appliances

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Handheld electric egg beater

Handheld electric egg beater, household small wireless baking foam cream beater, automatic chicken cake beater

High power shaver

High power shaver USB shaver rechargeable hair ball trimmer six blade clothing ball remover cross-border

Household handheld electric egg beater

Customized household handheld electric egg beater for sample making, electric mixer for baking egg white and cream, and mixing machine

Lavalier amplifier

Audio and video electrical accessories clip microphone accessories collar clip microphone mini collar clip amplifier metal paint iron clip

Little Yellow Duck Feather Ball Trimmer

Little Yellow Duck Feather Ball Trimmer USB Charging Home Clothes Hair Removal Ball Hair Removal Machine 2-in-1 Hair Removal Ball Removal Machine

Stylus cleaner

Stylus cleaner, cleaning glue, audio-visual electrical accessories