Daily necessities

Daily necessities

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Folding garbage bag

Continuous folding garbage bag for baby diaper bucket

Household plastic bags

Internet celebrity e-Jie garbage bag drawstring cat claw cow IP home creative automatic closure home plastic bag in 3 rolls

Japanese gas stove cleaning brush

Three sets of cleaning brushes for Japanese gas stoves, kitchen supplies, range hoods, stove cleaning tools, steel wire small brushes

Kitchen cleaning with wood fiber oil to remove dishcloths

Kitchen cleaning, wood fiber oil removal, dishwashing cloth, thickened non stick oil wiping cloth, scouring cloth, daily necessities can be distributed on behalf of others

Kitchen garbage bag

E-Jie household thickened kitchen garbage bag

Large plastic bag

Extra Thick Drawstring Garbage Bag Household Thickened Handheld Automatic Closing Office Dormitory Large Plastic Bag Wholesale